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Locally owned and operated, the Englewood Fun Center has an awesome mix of classic and modern Arcade games.  But it doesn't stop there, we also have a 18-hole Mini Golf course with an outdoor meeting patio as well as an indoor set of Batting Cages and Inflatable Bounce Houses. Our newest attraction is Build "ur" Bear and we have a variety of animals to choose from.



About Us

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Englewood Fun Center stands as a vibrant hub of entertainment, promising an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. At the heart of its allure lies an arcade that beckons with a kaleidoscope of lights and the electrifying sounds of games in motion. Adventure enthusiasts can test their swing in the state-of-the-art batting cages, honing their skills and relishing the thrill of hitting a perfect shot. For those seeking a different kind of challenge, the sprawling mini golf course offers a whimsical journey through imaginative landscapes, where each hole presents a new adventure.

But the excitement doesn't end there. The Englewood Fun Center takes fun to new heights with its array of inflatables, transforming the space into a playground of bouncing joy. Gigantic slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses invite laughter and carefree enjoyment, making it an ideal venue for parties and gatherings. Whether you're unleashing your competitive spirit, perfecting your golf swing, or indulging in the pure delight of inflatables, the Englewood Fun Center crafts an atmosphere where laughter and play unite, creating cherished memories for everyone to carry home.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

We had our Grandson’s 5th Birthday Party at Englewood Fun Center and all I can say is AWESOME!!! The Pizza from TJ Chumps was OUTSTANDING!! Our Party coordinator was Lilly and she FANTASTIC!!! Even though Lilly is only 17, her customer service skills are very impressive. She maintains eye contact, speaks clearly and is extremely polite. I lost count of how many times she checked with us to see if we needed anything. Thank you Lilly and thank you to everyone at Englewood Fun Center for making the event so SPECTACULARLY!!!

Matthew G.

My granddaughters love the Englewood fun center. They bounce in the bouncy house and play arcade games for tickets that is usually used for candy or saved for another day. Fun for all of us. Jurassic Park dinosaur arcade game is their favorite. Safe for kids and fun! Local can save you money on games and the reach local magazine can save you money on bouncing. Great fun for a great price. Thank you to both companies. Love your businesses! So do my granddaughters!

Kim F.

My 12yr daughter is disabled and is unable to walk but loves to bounce. I am always wanting to take her to a bounce house but worry about there being to many people. On Jan 1st. I called and checked to see how busy it was at Englewood Fun Center We was in luck not to busy. We was welcomed by a warmly friendly stuff and my daughter was able to fully enjoy herself. She had the time of her life. I want to say Thank You Very Much For Your Kindness We look forward to more visits.

Paula L.

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569 South Main Street, Englewood, Ohio 45322

Email:   |   Phone: (937) 836-2300

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